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Cinco Ranch PicAre Real Estate Marketing Tools important for sellers to consider?

Real estate marketing tools are the tools that a REALTOR uses to help a seller market a home for sale. It is critical for a seller to consider what REALTOR that they are going to use to represent them in a real estate transaction, and a large part of that consideration should be centered around what the REALTOR is going to do to market the home for sale. Some of the more common marketing tools for real estate agents to use are:

Common Marketing Tools

  1. Place a sign in the yard (some actually stop there).
  2. Upload the property into local MLS.
  3. Take a few pictures and upload them to MLS with listing.
  4. Wait.

But there are so many more marketing tools that can, and should, be used to market a home for sale in order to get great results.

A real estate agent should be willing to use some of their own money upfront to market the home. It will cost a good bit of money to market a real estate home appropriately and as aNightBalloon seller, you should expect that to be part of your Realtor’s marketing tools. Some examples of these are as follows:

  1. Professional Photography           
  2. Maximum number of photos allowed by the MLS
  3. Depending on the property characteristics, an aerial photo would be appropriate.
  4. Remember that  you are selling a community as well as  a home, so a realtor should market the community your home is located in as well.
  5. Video tours of the property.
  6. If necessary, home staging (additional costs may be required on your part)
  7. Individual home website.
  8. A professional individual website that the Realtor maintains and displays your home to buyers also.
  9. Email notification to other agents in the area with your home’s information displayed.
  10. Fliers in the property to allow buyers to take with them after showings.

Home Marketing Tools are the most important aspects of selling a home.

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