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Katy, Texas began decades ago. In the area that the city of Katy, Texas now covers, there could be found nothing more than a large expanse of open prairie, home to herds of grazing buffalo, and used as a hunting ground by the Karankawa Indian tribe. If those Indians could see the bustling, cosmopolitan city that has grown out of the prairie they used to inhabit, surely they would be in awe. It was also the home thriving populations of ducks and geese, to longhorn cattle, deer, and wolves. Find Old Katy Homes for Sale below.

Katy Texas

The earliest settlement of the community known as Cane Island, for Cane Island Creek that runs through it, was in 1872. From there. the town-site of Katy was laid out and platted by J. O. Thomas, L. C. Luckel, and R. M. Cash in 1895. Katy, Texas was supposedly named for the M-K-T Railroad that runs through the old town of Katy Proper.

Katy MKT CabooseThe City of Katy was formally incorporated in 1945 and Katy has always been, since that time and throughout today, a traditional family style community. It did, however, play a major role as a rail hub, a rice farming and agricultural center, and one of the largest gas fields in this part of Texas.

Ancestral Homes of Katy were researched and historical markers erected by the local Texas Sesquicentennial Committee in 1986. The historical markers can be used as a guide for a walking or driving tour of more than a dozen historical homes and buildings in downtown Katy.

MKT Depot and Caboose

5615 First Street is located in in Railroad Park and offers a look at the restored Katy Depot with MKT Museum as well as a Visitors Center and caboose. It is open from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. Katy Depot

The Katy Heritage Society was established in 1979 by a group formed to save the old MKT Railroad Depot. With the help of the City, the Depot was acquired and restored by the Heritage Society. Other historical structures have been acquired and restored by the Society. All of their structures are now located at Katy Heritage Park, 5990 George Bush Drive. The group continues it’s work to protect and preserve the historic resources of Katy. Please contact the Katy Heritage Society at 281-391-2550 for on the History of Katy. Katy Heritage Society has a lot more information as well.


Katy, Texas is a wonderful place to live. It offers so much to so many and in so many different ways. However, when one go to “Old Katy” or Katy Proper, you simply fall back in time. There is definitely a old-town feel and some strong old-town pride. If you are planning on buying a home in Old Katy, you will want to make certain that you are a Katy Tiger fan. “Home of Champions” is what the motto is and for good reason as the Katy High School students have been producing just that for decades. From football and athletics to fine-arts and scholastic excellence, this place is special. Old- Katy is located just north of I10 across from the Katy Mills Mall.

Offering a unique blend of old town ambiance, and modern facilities, people that already live within the borders of Katy are quick to speak out, extolling its virtues. As a place to live, it really has a little of everything, but too much of nothing, a perfect balance of lifestyle, recreation and commercial options.

Most Old Katy Homes for Sale are located within the city limits and therefore do not have an HOA fee. However, there are a few newer communities that will require membership in the HOA for their residents. If you decide on one of these, you will want to make sure you fully understand those costs as well.

Katy High School

Katy High School

Schools in Old Katy

Families will most obviously benefit from living right at the centre of the Katy Independent School District, which provides first class educational facilities for all age groups. Indeed, many of the educational establishments found within the district, are noted as some of the best to be found anywhere within the USA. And while on the subject of schooling, let us not forget the 5 time state High School champions, the Fighting Katy Tigers, which call this town home.

Katy, Texas is acclaimed for its fantastic schools which are part of the award winning Katy Independent School District. You can find more out about Katy ISD or any of the individual schools here.

Being that Old Katy is not a master-planned community like many developments around the City of Katy, if you purchase a home in Old Katy, you will be zoned to in Katy ISD, However, given the growth in Katy ISD at the current time, there are no guarantees that your children will not be rezoned to a different KISD school in the future. The plans for a new high school north of Katy is already in the works. Currently though, if you buy in Old Katy, your children would be zoned to Katy Elementary School, Katy Junior High School and Katy High School.  The flagship schools of Katy.

Amenities in Old Katy

Peckham Park

Peckham Park

At first glance, Katy would certainly seem to offer all of the usual entertainment and recreational activities found in every other major town across the United States. What makes Katy different is the way it presents them, with a laid back, old town feel, reminiscent of its original pioneering settler and later railway periods. Katy has somehow kept its head, with its feet firmly planted on the ground, as new technology, new lifestyles and new living requirements have been added to the heady mixing pot that has been subtly stirred by the rumblings of steady urbanization.

One needs to keep in mind that Old Katy is the town of Katy. There are a few newer master-planned communities and other developments in Old Katy that will offer their own amenities for their residents. But, if you reside in Old Katy Proper and not in one of these communities, you will not be a part of an HOA and thus not have the amenities in the traditional since.  What you will have though is so much more. You can fish, workout and picnic at Mary Jo Peckham Park. It is a community park with a fishing pond, walking trails & an indoor swimming pool & fitness area.  You also have local, and wonderful, dining, shopping and commercial facilities close by. Obviously, in Old Katy, you will want to save some time for the local activities as well. KATY-KATY-KATY!

Recreational facilities are well balanced, offering modern sports and entertainment venues, alongside heritage influenced attractions, such as the Katy Craft Show, Katy Country Peddler Show and the Heritage Park itself. Katy boasts some of the most attractive and stimulating historical venues to be found within the entire length and breadth of the country.

Old Katy Water TowerThe city offers a wide range of public services, there is the Memorial Hermann Hospital, which maintains a reputation of excellence. The Harris County Library Service has a branch within Katy, well stocked and easily accessible. Additionally, the local social services office specializes in providing exceptional care to elderly residents, along with active recreational and leisure activities to suit elder Americans.

Katy really has something to offer everybody, and is an exceptional choice of living venue for families, especially those looking for a safe, friendly environment, with access to great schooling, for their young ones. The wide range of properties offered ensures that almost everybody will be able to find a property in Katy Proper both to their liking and within their budget.

The most widely known annual event on the Katy calendar is the Annual Rice Harvest Festival, which celebrates the areas rice farming tradition, which dates back to the late 1890s, in fine style. Other festivals in Katy, Texas that you won’t want to miss include:

  • I love Katy Festival
  • Annual Rice and Harvest Festival
  • Pumpkin Festival at Cinco Ranch
  • Katy Days Festival
  • Katy Folklife Festival
  • Katy Balloon Festival

Old Katy Homes for Sale Real Estate

There are a huge variety of types of Katy property available. From lots for sale in the area to land and homes on acreage the Old Katy area has it. The average price tag for a single family home is around the $275,000 mark, but starting as low as $100,000 and rising all the way through to $1,000,000+. There is definitely something here to suit every budget and taste. Old Katy Homes for Sale have a true old town feel too them, but that is not to say that Katy does not have its fair share of modern, newly developed, property offerings. Whichever you prefer, you will find it in Katy.

A few of the newer developed communities in Old Katy would be Firethorne, Woodcreek Reserve, The Falls at Green Meadows and the newest would be Cane Island. If you are specifically interested in newly constructed homes (New Construction) in Katy, Texas there are a variety of new homes and neighborhoods to choose from. But most of Old Katy’s charm will be found in the homes throughout the Katy Proper area. See the listings below.

Search MLS for Subdivision Listings in Old Katy, TX.:

Old Katy Homes and Land for Sale in Katy
Old Katy Open Houses
Old Katy Homes with Pools

If you are moving to Cane Island and need help deciphering test scores in various Katy schools, allow Steve Reddell to assist you. His experience as a Katy REALTOR and his experience working as a teacher, coach and administrator in Katy for many years will offer you the perfect guidance. In addition, OLD Katy has a low crime rate with public safety being a top priority. Steve works with buyers and sellers throughout the community of Katy, Texas and all of West Houston. If you would like to buy Old Katy Homes for Sale in any neighborhood, he can help you. Contact Steve.

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