Katy Independent School District

The Katy Independent School District

The Katy Independent School District is one of the primary reasons people move to Katy, TX. As a parent himself, and having worked in the district for over 10 years prior to becoming a realtor, Steve Reddell would tell you that the Katy Independent School District is one of the best at preparing kids for their futures in college and in their careers. It is recognized statewide for the students scores on standardized tests. It also is very well represented in sports, fine arts, agriculture activities and many other programs.

What makes Katy ISD so great?



One of the great things about the Katy Independent School District is it’s curriculum alignment. The district has meticulously gone through the curriculum and aligned it with the State of Texas’ standards and objectives. This alignment is both vertical and horizontal in nature. Meaning that it is aligned horizontally across the district so that if your child is taking Algebra II at Cinco Ranch High School, the students in Algebra II at Katy High School or Mayde Creek High School, or any of the schools in Katy ISD, will be doing the same lessons on just about the same days. This ensures that all students in the Katy Independent School District are able to have the same opportunities for success as any other students across the district. But the district curriculum is also aligned vertically from K-12. This means that the essential learning objectives being taught in the district are covered in a way that builds on the prior year or years in Katy ISD. It also ensures that students in the Katy Independent School District each have been in classes where these objectives and themes have been covered and that each student has a complete education, with no holes in the curriculum, and has a great chance at educational success.

Are there any negatives about Katy ISD?

Katy High School - Home of Champions

Katy High School – Home of Champions

No school district is perfect and Katy is no different. Some kids struggle. Some kids make poor choices. It is, after all, located in the world we live in. But the Katy Independent School District is so well thought of, many people bring their kids to it from private school instead of the other way around. And many of those are happy that they did.

Katy Independent School District is also extremely competitive. If there is a negative to Katy ISD it would be just how competitive it is in all aspects. However, isn’t that what the world really is about, competition? Today’s world seems to filled up with all types of fair-fun-positive activities and participation trophies for everything. But the real world is about if you get the job, or not? The Katy Independent School District prepares kids for those real-life competitions. It can also be said that the Katy Independent School District offsets any negative aspects of that competitive nature by offering many extracurricular and co-curricular activities for kids to meet other kids and be able to feel a part of their school.  If they do not feel a part of the school that they attend, then it is because they simply are not making an effort to be a part. There is something for every student here in Katy.

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February 17, 2016
Katy Logo Gold

Katy ISD Names New Elementary Schools

Katy ISD is constantly moving forward and have been forced to add so many schools over the last 15 years to keep up with the population growth here. Most recently, the Katy Independent School District Board of Trustees have approved names for three new schools set to open in fall 2016. After recommendations submitted by community members and attendees at a public forum last week, Katy ISD says it was able to finalize the names. Located at 27602 Westridge Creek Land, this new campus will be named after retired educator MayDell Jenks. According to Katy ISD, the school located at […]