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Grand Lakes is one of the more established of the master-planned communities. Having said this, Newmark Homes is beginning a new section of construction in Grand Lakes just north of the Westpark Tollway along Peek Rd. So, with this newest section, Grand Lakes  real estate offers some old and some new for buyers in the Katy market to consider.

Grand Lakes is a Katy, Texas master-planned community nestled within a particularly beautiful part of Katy Texas. Grand Lakes is a home development consisting of condominiums, townhouses and single family homes. Displaying a wealth of old style community charm, while maintaining easy access to the Westpark Tollway and Interstate 10, Grand Lakes offers residents both comfort and convenience. As a past winner of the best large community award, granted by the NAHB Best of American Living Competition, Grand Lakes has established a reputation as a top class Katy real estate development.

Grand Lakes offers beautiful lakes (this the name), walking trails, tennis courts, pools and location. Grand Lakes, being a master-planned community, offers shopping, restaurants, and other amenities all very close to any of the development. The development group, consisting of Trendmaker Homes, Perry Homes, David Powers and Ashton Woods, have made a great effort in an attempt to achieve a peaceful setting, while maintaining a functional community. Traffic through individual Katy neighborhoods is significantly reduced by utilizing many cul-de-sacs, and great care has been taken to ensure that neither privacy nor access has been compromised. The overall concept is of building a tranquil, family focused, old style community, while incorporating modern requirements for a streamlined and productive lifestyle. DSC02506

Grand Lakes does have an HOA. The fee assessed to all residents ranges from about $1000-$1150. This fee helps cover maintenance and upkeep of the common grounds and amenities throughout the Grand Lakes community. In addition, Grand Lakes has a number of recreational areas like walking trails and swimming pools that are open to all Grand Lakes residents. You will always have a place to enjoy the outdoors and cool off during Katy’s hot summer months. Learn more about Grand Lakes swimming pools and recreation centers in the Amenities section of this page.

By incorporating all of these small town features, such as peaceful streets and neighborhoods, crystal clear lakes and leafy walks, Grand Lakes holds an ambiance that is hard to find in the modern world. Possibly the most remarkable thing to have been achieved, is the simple ease of living that has been incorporated into the development, alongside the obvious charm. Far more than a attractive community space, Grand Lakes is also designed for 21st century living, and spares no effort in creating a synergy between aesthetics and functionality. It is a good place to live, a good place to work and a good place to relax, all provided in a single, well priced package of Katy real estate. If you are considering a move to Katy, then you will definitely want to take a good look at Grand Lakes.

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Schools in Grand Lakes

Katy, Texas is known for its fantastic schools which are served through the highly acclaimed and award winning Katy Independent School District. You can find more out about Katy ISD or any of the individual schools here. Being that Grand Lakes is a large master-planned community in Katy, it would be difficult to name all of the possible schools that your children may be zoned to without knowing which area of Grand Lakes your new home will be in. However, currently, if you purchase a home in the Grand Lakes community, your children will be zoned for Seven Lakes High School. The feeder schools of elementary and junior high schools  can be found here once you decide on a specific home.

Amenities in Grand Lakes

Recreational activities consist of family orientated features, such as vast areas set aside as fishing lakes, these alone cover some 115 acres. There are also over 200 acres of park land and local village greens, perfect for those sunny Katy, Texas afternoons. For the energetic outdoors-man, there are many hiking and cycling trails to be explored. The recreational centers contain attractions such as swimming pools, tennis courts and playgrounds. The development itself is sub-divided into small neighborhoods and villages; each has its own community areas, which can be enjoyed by local residents in a communal fashion. Of course, Grand Lakes is only one community in Katy, Texas that has an abundance of recreational facilities, but it is a very nice one. In your search for Katy real estate, check out communities like Grand Lakes. you will be glad you did.

Property Taxes in Grand Lakes

The property taxes in Grand Lakes are assessed by the county appraisal district of the county that a particular property in located in. Grand Lakes lies within the boundaries of either Harris County or Fort Bend County. The appraisal district will assess the property value each year and taxes are determined off of that assessment. Property taxes are determined by using that county assessed value and dividing it by 100 (per $100 of value) and then multiplying it by the tax rate for that property. Most properties in Houston and Katy real estate markets are set up to pay school and county taxes. In addition to these to entities, if the property lies outside of a city limit, like Grand Lakes homes do, then those properties are also, almost always, part of a MUD (Municipal Utility District) and will pay taxes to their MUD entity as well. More specific information can be found at the following county appraisal websites.: Fort Bend CAD and Harris CAD.

Grand Lakes Real Estate

DSC02517The price range of Grand Lakes property offered is broad, ranging from $200,000 through to $900,000 with an average price tag of $450,000. The entire home development of Grand Lakes covers an area of 1,253 acres, consisting of housing and recreational areas to suit most tastes. All Grand Lakes homes are either custom or semi-custom built to buyer’s specification. There is also some patio homes sections as well as townhouses/condos in Grand Lakes.
Grand Lakes is a development that extends on either side (east or west) of the Grand Parkway (99) in Katy. The section west of 99 typically offers larger lots as many of these lots range from 80-100 feet in size. There is also a small section of patio homes on the west side tucked away is a private area that many locals do not even know is there. On the east side, Grand Lakes offers more homes that are typically on smaller lots. Grand Lakes does have section on the east side of 99 that does, however, have lots that are roughly a half-acre in size.

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If you are moving to either Grand Lakes and need help deciphering test scores in various Katy schools, allow Steve Reddell to assist you. His experience as a Katy REALTOR and his experience working as a teacher, coach and administrator in Katy for many years will offer you the perfect guidance. In addition, the Grand Lakes area has a low crime rate with public safety being a top priority. Steve works with buyers and sellers throughout the community of Katy, Texas and all of West Houston. If you would like to buy Katy Real Estate in any neighborhood, he can help you. Contact Steve.

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